Premium Mineral Foundation

Premium Mineral Foundation

Premium Mineral Foundation


Jardé Mineral Foundation Makeup is made of top grade natural ingredients with the unique formula to provide  velvet soft texture, skin is visibly soft-focused with a luminous, youthful and flawless look. 


It is free from gluten, talc, fragrance, artificial colours, and doesn't contain parabens or other preservatives, and doesn't include bismuth oxychloride (a man-made mineral that is the by-product of refining lead). With its all-natural and top quality ingredients, it is also perfect for sensitive skin, or skin that is prone to acne.




  • Turn the twister-sifter clockwise to expose as many holes as you wish to control the flow of the foundation. Tap a small amount of product onto the lid of your foundation or small  plate.

  • Press your Makeup Brush or Kabuki Brush into the foundation and swirl it slightly, working the product deep within the brush.

  • Gently tap your brush on the side of the lid or plate to remove any excess product.

  • Apply the foundation by brushing the powder in an upward circular motion over the entire face. Continue this step until you get the coverage you want.



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Premium Mineral Foundation


Our Mineral Foundation Makeup is the purest, most natural looking form of powder mineral makeup.

£18.00 / unit(s)

Mineral Foundation Samples


Try our Mineral Foundation Makeup Powder Samples before you buy the full size product.

£2.00 / unit(s)