Customer Testimonials

Have you tried Jardé Natural Mineral Makeup?  Let us know what you think!  We absolutely love to hear from our customers. Whether it's a compliment, a suggestion or even a complaint, we always appreciate hearing what you have to say. So don't hesitate to contact us. At Jardé, we'll never forget that we wouldn't be here if it weren't for you.


Customer Comments:


"I haven't been wearing mascara for 12 years becaue I have very sensitive eyes.  I've tried all kinds of brands out there and spent a lot of money hoping to find a mascara product that doesn't irritate my eyes....I even tried the brands that claimed their mascara is hypo-allergenic, and still didn't work...I came across your natural mascara and gave it try..Wow, couldn't believe my eyes! I can actually wear mascara after 12 years..!!!! I will be your devoted customer forever...!!!

--Melanie P. - London


"This is the most amazing product!  My sun spots and hyper-pigmentation are lighter and I've only been using it for 2 weeks."

--Lisa W. - Manchester


"I'm a very fair skinned woman who has searched high and low for the perfect foundation.  I thought it didn't exist until I tried Jardé.  I tried the mineral founation powder followed by the mineral blush makeup and they are truly amazing.  The foundation blended perfectly, and no one could tell I had any foundation on.  My friends said I looked 10 years younger, and wanted to know what I had done. Your products have been a dream come true.  Thank you so much!"

--Catherine Hutchings - Kent


”This is the best makeup EVERRR! I've tried Clinique, L'oreal, Rimmel, Benefits ... pretty much everything at Sephora. Your mineral foundation beat them all. I love it completely covers up all my acne and scars without the "fake" makeup look. Even up close in the mirror, I can't tell that I have anything on my face. Also, it keeps oil under serious control the whole day without drying out my skin."

--Fiona M., Edinburgh


"I have never been able to use foundations. My skin is VERY sensitive and I have tried them all... I mean ALL!!!!!!!!! Even other mineral products...Yours is the best in colour, texture and usability!  I only wish you had a store I could visit in London! When might that happen!?

Thank you for making high quality products and having a customer service to match!"
--Alia Hammad, London


"Your Mineral Foundation Makeup is AMAZING! It defiantly walks that fine line of giving your skin a great glow without the shine so it's great for the office."

--Kathie Watson, Reading


"I am from Poland. I love all of your makeup. I had been looking forever for a safe mineral makeup and was so excited to find yours.  I also find you have EXCELLENT customer service for shipping my makeups to me so fast".

--Aniela, Krakow-Poland


"I have tried about a dozen other mineral makeup brands and can confidently say that Jardé is unlike any other. I have struggled with acne for over 10 years, and your products have made my skin clearer than I could have imagined, even getting rid of the painful cystic acne around my jawline. Your foundation feels lighter, covers better and lasts longer than any other mineral foundation I have tried – and without any itching! Thanks so much for creating a product that can make me feel good about my skin!"

--Mitra Lall, London


"I just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic product and great customer service.  You now have a very loyal customer!"

--Patrizia, Milan, Italy


"Wow, I love your natural mascara!!!...I can't believe I can actually wear a mascara after so many years...I love it, thank you.."

--Deborah Walker, Cambridge


"I just like to say your Mineral Foundation is fantastic.  We have a very hot summer in Spain and it is hard to wear any makeup unless you are in somewhere with the air condition.  For the first time, I can now wear foundation without being worried about how it will look on my face in hot weather!!...

--Maria Morano, Madrid, Spain


"I just wanted to let you know that I tried your foundation sample (Golden Sand) for the first time today, and I am absolutely floored! I am a mineral-makeup newbie, but it was very easy to apply, and I can’t believe how flawless my skin looks! I already have clear skin, but I had no idea it could look this good! And I just used the tiniest bit! I am singing your praises, and apparently you have made many women feel beautiful. I just wanted to thank you for making such a big impact on my skin in such a simple way.
I was also very happy with the packaging of my makups, so beautiful. Thanks again!"

--Alison McNeil, Hatfield


"I order a lot of things online, but rarely write back with a testimonial. I like the idea of mineral makeup, and a few weeks ago, tried another brand. It made my face much too shiny. My oily skin is shiny enough, no thanks. I just received my Jardé Cosmetics today, tried them and I love it! Thank you for making a natural product, that covers well, is not shiny and I cannot feel it on my face! Also love the blush and lip gloss too. You have a new loyal customer. I'm throwing all my other makeup away!

--Andrea L., Leeds