About Us

Achieve Natural Beauty at Jardé


Welcome to Jardé, the home of magnificant Mineral Makeup Cosmetics where you can achieve natural beauty.  If you have been searching for top quality natural Makeup that are kind to your skin, then look no further! Jardé Mineral Cosmetics are created exclusively for women, by women and have been developed over a number of years of research with the health of your skin in mind.


Marvellous Mineral Cosmetics


Our Mineral Makeup Cosmetics don’t contain any nasty chemicals, man-made minerals, mineral oils, synthetic and fragrances; they are simply pure and gorgeous. They are also suitable as Vegan Cosmetics, Halal Cosmetic, and Gluten Freen Cosmetic.


Our Mineral Makeup Products are:


  • In Compliance to EU Cosmetics Safety Regulations

  • Made of 100% Natural Ingredients Origin
  • Cruelty Free
  • Suitale as Vegan Makeup Cosmetics

  • Suitable as Gluten Free Makeup Cosmetics 

  • Suitable as Halal Makeup Cosmetic 

We Care


At Jardé, we are passionate about making a difference to our community, environment and customers.

  • Our Makeup products are free from toxic and harmful chemicals

  • We do not use excessive packagings or packagings that are just thrown away after opening e.g. boxes, shrink wraps, etc that ends up in the trash.  This would also allow us to keep our prices low.

  • We are proud of our "excellent customer service" to our customers all around the world. 



Jardé Mineral Makeup – All Safe, All Natural, All You....